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Welcome to Aviate Protect

Our aim is to provide you with a higher level of protection. At Aviate Protect, you have your very own dedicated UAV Insurance Specialist, who will provide you with competitive UAV Insurance quotes to protect yourself, your employees, your UAV(s), associated equipment and much more.

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Why Choose Us?

Aviate Protect is a trading name of Find Insurance Ltd. Find Insurance Ltd was established in 1972, so we take pride in looking after our customers with your best interests at heart!

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Tailored & Cost Effective

Your needs are different to the next UAV Operator. That’s why each of our policies are tailored, with your specific requirements in mind. Not every Operator needs Professional Indemnity Cover included within their policy, adding to overall cost. That’s why we give you the option to pick & choose!

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Policy Features

Our customers are always protected with a high level of necessary cover that is required. We have many features within our policies that come as standard. All of our policies are compliant with EU Regulation (EC) No. 785/2004.

  • A new, innovative product. Taking UAV Insurance to a different level.

    John Smith

  • Aviate Protect provides only the Cover that you need; making policies highly cost-effective.

    John Smith

  • With Aviate Protect, there’s many opportunities to receive a range of discount off your Premium.

    John Smith