Discounts Available For:

  • UAV Operators with experience
  • Built-in Safety Mechanisms (e.g. Return to Home)
  • Dual-Pilot Operation Controls
  • Multi-UAV Policy Discount.

Standard Key Features:

  • Compliant with EU Regulation (EC) No 785/2004
  • Aviation War Liability Cover (war, hi-jacking and other perils)
  • Third Party & Premises Liability Cover – Choice of: £1M, £2M, £3M, £4M, £5M+
  • Loss or damage to UAV and associated equipment.
  • Full cover whilst in flight, and in transit
  • Cover whilst in storage
  • No restriction on flying hours
  • UK Cover

Optional Cover:

    • Noise Cover
    • Trespassers Cost
    • Night Flying Cover
    • Business Travel
    • Flight Test Cover – The Premium is £50 and will deducted if you take out an Annual Policy with Aviate Protect.

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